Monday, February 14, 2011

SNES9X-PS3 4.4.5

" SNES9x PS3 4.4.5 (FW 1.92+/FW 3.15/FW 3.41/CFW 3.55) changes:

Build 4.4.5 (14-02-2010)

* New HD Version - every game runs at the SNES' high-resolution mode (512x448 interlaced mode). Try this with the right shader on (4xSoft) and this can make the games look beautiful. Both progressive (1080p/720p/480p/576p) and interlaced modes (480i/576i/1080i) work with this - try interlaced for best results.

* 4xSoft combined with this HD version also beautifies the pseudo hi-res transparent background layers in Kirby's Dreamland 3.

* Triple Buffering option added - enabled by default. Faster graphics/shader performance with triple buffering turned on - some potential input lag with triple buffering on - turn it off in case you experience problems of this nature.

* USB/Bluetooth mouse can be used now for Mouse/Super Scope games.

* Primal Rage works again."

Can't wait to test it, but i gotta get some sleep first!

EDIT:  Got to mess with it before work, briefly.  It looks awesome on my little 720 monitor; i can't wait to see how nice it looks on my friend's big-ass 1080.  The CRT video filter is beautiful...  it even morphs the screen so it looks bowed out like a CRT television!  Now i can swear at Gradius III in glorious high-def!  :oP

EDIT 2:  The hd version looks kinda weird...  if you leave the PS3 set on a progressive video mode, there'll be interlacing artifacts, and if you switch it to an interlaced video mode, there'll be less interlacing artifacts, but a lot of the video filters will look like butt...  i should try the non-hd version, maybe.


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  2. cool, looking forward to a review

  3. Nice! Time to play some Pokemon again! ;D

  4. The PS3 can play SNES games now? Finally, some good games on the PS3...

  5. this is awesome.
    hey guys, come over, i'm bored.
    hey what's up?..when did you get a snes?
    no dude, it's my ps3.

    it will be great...

    ha, following you, i hope you'll follow back/check out my stuff as well!

  6. It'd be even more totally awesome if i had usb-snes controllers to go with it...