Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sony Demanding Identity Of Anyone Who Saw PS3 Jailbreak Video On YouTube

"Sony continues to massively overreact to the news that a hacker figured out how to 'jailbreak' the PS3 in order to re-enable the functionality that Sony had deleted from PS3s. Beyond getting a far overreaching gag order on George Hotz, who figured out the jailbreak, and playing Whac-a-Mole to try to take down the code anywhere it appears, the company has now asked a judge to order Google to provide the IP addresses and other identifying info of anyone who viewed or commented on the video about the jailbreak that was hosted on a private YouTube page."

Mother of God.


  1. thats a bit ridiculous. Not even so much scary, literally just ridiculous.

  2. It's only scary if google is actually ordered to provide the addresses of people who viewed the video. Why does google even log that?

  3. Isn't it, though? It boggles the mind.